Offers a range of fitness-inspired sports nutrition products including protein bars, beverages and powders, designed to keep you going for longer & stay fuller. They taste so good you won’t believe they’re minus the guilt!


Our great tasting range of fitness- inspired sports nutrition products have the feel-good ingredients and protein punch to keep you energised and satisfied.

Whether you’re a multi tasking mum or gym junkie; running a marathon or just running off your feet, Aussie Bodies is there to cheer on every Aussie who wants to have a go and just simply do better than yesterday.

For those of you who don’t stop, we help you to Keep Going.


A Paralympic gold medalist and World Record holder, Kelly is a dedicated athlete with an infectious smile. Her life has been one of overcoming adversity, having had her leg amputated at 15. Despite challenges, this life changing event inspired Kelly to turn her focus to running. With a dedication and drive beyond her years, Kelly competed in the 2012 London Paralympic Games, winning gold in the long jump and placing second in the 100m sprint.

Kelly’s mantra : Never give up.


A real life GI Joe – Marcus Bondi’s record breaking feats of superhuman strength have been marvelled by over 7 million people on YouTube. Marcus and his team have broken over 4 official world strength records, including the 25 metre rope climb, muscle-ups, one-arm chin ups and 20 metre rope climb. Where does Marcus get his inspiration from? From within.

His mantra ” We all have it, we just need to know we can do it”.


An (Aussie) international model and avid positive and healthy body image promoter. Laura’s body was also used to carve out the new mannequins for the lingerie sections at department stores Myer and David Jones in Australia. Oh, and she’s also an environmental scientist. How about that for a very busy lady?

Laura’s mantra: “you cannot promote positive body image unless you have it yourself”